Migrating from Google Sheet to Google Drive Integration

If you’ve built mods prior to 1.8.0 that use Google Sheets, you’ll need to update your Google Sheet bricks to use the new Google Drive integration. The Google Sheets bricks are:

  • Lookup Google Sheet row

  • Add Google sheet row

Follow these instructions to migrate from the Google Sheet to Google Drive migration for the Google Sheet bricks.

Updating Activated Mods

  1. Go to the brick that you need to update.

    You should see above the Google Sheet field there’s a Google Account field.

  2. Click the Google Account field (at the top). You can click the field, or click the X and select Integration. If you haven’t already set up an integration, follow the integration set up instructions.

  1. Approve the Google Sheet migration. Another window will pop up asking you to select your account and then click Allow to approve PixieBrix to access.

  1. You’re good to go! You shouldn’t need to change anything in the Google Sheet fields or anything below. If you have any issues, reactivate your mod from the Extension Console, or reach out to [email protected].

Updating Deactivated Mods

If a mod is deactivated and uses the legacy Google Sheet integration and not the Google Drive integration, you'll need to make a change in the Extension Console before you can update with the Google Drive integration in the Page Editor.

You can tell if a mod is deactived when the mod does not show up up in the Mods Listing panel of the Page Editor, or if you see the "Activate" button available on a mod in the Mods page of the Extension Console. If the Google Sheet integration is required, you'll get an error when trying to activate the mod.

  1. Go to the Workshop in the Extension Console. From the Extension Console, click the Workshop section on the left side navigation.

  2. Find the mod you want to activate. Search for the name or id of the mod, then click the listing that appears below the search field.

  3. Replace the requirements with an empty array.

    Find the line at the top that says required: sheet And replace with required: []

  4. Activate your mod from the Mods page in the Extension Console, and then proceed to the steps in Updating Activated Mods

You can also get help in the PixieBrix Slack Community! If you’re experiencing any issues, we’re just a ping away.

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