Release 1.8.8

Released to the Chrome Web Store on February 7, 2024

✨ Enhancements

  • When a restricted user has new deployments and they navigate to the Extension Console, the deployments are now activated automatically (#7434)

  • Add support for sandboxed iframes (#7300)

  • Added ability for organizations to set policies to restrict certain URLs when users are not authenticated (#7483)

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the sidebar sometimes showed up inside iframes (#7476)

  • Fixed a bug with the Variable Popover where clicking between variables sometimes failed to reposition the popover (#7110)

  • Fixed two other bugs relating to Variable Popover positioning (#7440)

  • Fixed a bug where multiple copies of the same error alert were sometimes displayed (#7353)

  • Made the mods search case insensitive in the Mods Panel of the Page Editor (#6839)

  • The Workshop History tab version dropdown now shows the correct date. Also improved the performance of the dropdown. (#6455)

  • Fixed a bug with the textarea Submit on Enter functionality where field values set from mod variables was included in the submitted payload (#7543)

🧱 New/Updated Bricks

  • In the Custom Form and Show a modal or sidebar form bricks, added support for adding placeholder text to inputs (#7432)

  • The Render Document, Custom Form, and Show a modal or sidebar form bricks now include an Advanced: Theme section where developers can add custom CSS stylesheets (#7499, #7492, #7493, #7494, #7495, #7496, #7497, #7498)

🎨 User Experience

  • Activation links can now include activation options as part of the url (#7478)

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