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Release 1.7.24

Published in the Chrome Web Store on April 27, 2023

✨ Enhancements

  • Page Editor: filter mods by name in the sidebar (#5499)
  • Improve activation flow for marketplace mods that use the Quick Bar (#5497)
  • Don’t show integration configuration in the marketplace if integration is built-in
  • Quick Bar design improvements (#5537 and #5538)

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Page Editor: fix mod and trigger duplication on edit and save (#5453)
  • Fix debounce of queries in Dynamic Quick Bar mods (#5512)
  • Fix the use of mod-scoped Page State in temporary panels (#5549)
  • Bricks used in Temporary Panel and control flow bricks were not being used in permissions calculations (#5557)
  • Copy to Clipboard brick not working from temporary modal in some cases (#5557)
  • Activating marketplace mod for new user takes you back to marketplace homepage instead of mod page (#5485)
  • Marketplace shows the “Activate” button after activating mod until you refresh the page (#5532)