Styling Elements

Styling Options

Here are just a few things you can do to style elements in your Sidebar:

  • Adjust alignment

  • Bold or emphasize text

  • Change the color or background of text

  • Apply a border

  • Add margin or padding to adjust space between other elements

🎯 You can do even more to customize the elements with Bootstrap utility classes. Bootstrap is a popular CSS Framework for styling websites. For example, applying certain classes like d-none to an element will hide it. If you want something custom with an element, search online (or ask the PixieBrix community for help) to find classes you can type in the open text box below the margin and padding sections.

Hiding elements

In some situations, you may also want to hide an element under certain conditions. For instance, you may not want to show a text box if you don't get a useful response from ChatGPT. You can use template language to pass conditional logic in the Hidden field to determine whether an element should be shown.

Next, we'll discuss some advanced elements you might want to add to your Sidebar besides texts, images, and headers.

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