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Release: 1.0.0

Published to Chrome Web Store on 3/17/2021


  • New built-in bricks:
    • @pixiebrix/browser/alert: show a window alert
    • @pixiebrix/prompt : show a browser prompt where user can provide a string
    • @pixiebrix/dom/detect: count number of elements on a page (using JQuery selector)
  • New directives:
    • window: broadcast: run a brick in other windows
  • UiPath integration:
    • RobotJS: support pulling input arguments via Orchestrator API, support using the outputs of a process
    • Orchestrator API: support awaiting the outputs of a process
  • Automation Anywhere (Alpha): run automation via the Enterprise Control Room API


  • Fix Extension CSP to allow embedding of iframes from any HTTPS source
  • Prevent UiPath application insights transitive dependency from sending telemetry