Updating Published Mods

It's possible to make changes to mods so that your team can access those updated features as well.

Incrementing the Version Number

When updating a published mod, it’s best practice to increment the version number to indicate the kind of change made:

For example:

  • Increment Patch version (for bug fixes): 1.2.3 β†’ 1.2.4

  • Increment Minor version (for new features): 1.2.3 β†’ 1.3.0

  • Increment Major version (for backward incompatible changes): 1.2.3 β†’ 2.0.0

Incrementing the version number conveys two primary benefits:

  • PixieBrix and users know it’s a new version

  • You can track changes made across versions, and/or revert to a previous version

Staging Mod Updates

When making major changes to a mod, it can be helpful to make a separate mod so you don’t break anything on the copy users currently have.

You can then copy changes from the updated mod to the live mod in the Workshop. Just make sure to change the version number and mod id!

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