Troubleshooting Bad API Requests

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix a β€œNo Response Received” error?

See the instructions at Troubleshooting Network Errors.

My Request works in Postman. What’s wrong?

Here are the most common reasons a request works in Postman, but doesn’t work in PixieBrix:

Incorrect use of the data field in PixieBrix to pass JSON

To pass a data payload in PixieBrix, provide an object or variable:

βœ… Correct

❌ Incorrect:

Inconsistent headers

Postman automatically adds some headers to requests. Those headers are optional for most APIs. However, the API you’re calling might require those headers

Uncommon: header name capitalization. PixieBrix automatically lowercases header names. However, some APIs require certain header names to be capitalized.


If your Postman request is in a Postman Collection, Postman maybe including authentication information (headers/payload) with the request

Invalid/Self-Trusted SSL Certificate

Your Postman might be configured not to verify the SSL certificate.

In order to enable PixieBrix to call hosts with untrusted certificates, you must instruct Chrome to trust the certificate.

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