Enterprise Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Enterprise permissions, extension, and mod deployment issues

Follow the Team Member Troubleshooting Guide

Depending on the problem, the solution may be available in the Mod User Troubleshooting guide.

Verify PixieBrix has Permission to Access the Page

If a button/menu item is not appearing:

  • Right click the PixieBrix icon in the browser toolbar and verify it says "On <origin>"

  • Click the PixieBrix toolbar icon to toggle the sidebar, does the extension now run? If it runs, this indicates the extension is configured properly, but that the permissions are not active

  • Check the Settings page. Does the URL match any of patterns under "Additional Permissions"?

Check User Error Telemetry

From the Team Admin page, select the user experience problems and view the "Error Telemetry" tab.

The error telemetry is currently verbose, e.g., reporting cancellations as errors. Some of the events you see might not be causing the problem the team member is experience

Check the User Extension and Deployment Package Version

From the deployment detail page, view the "Status" tab to verify what version of the deployment and PixieBrix browser extension each user has active

Replicating the Problem Locally

As a developer, try replicating the problem on your machine

Brick Error Log

To view the error logs for the brick, open the mod and select the Brick from the "Active Bricks" screen.

To view the verbose logs (from all levels), select "DEBUG" from the log level dropdown

You can refresh the available log messages without reloading the page by clicking "Refresh"

Browser Developer Console

If the error does not appear in the Brick Error Log, open your browser's console log

The console will also shows messages/errors from the host page and any other extensions you have installed

To only show messages from the PixieBrix extension, check "Selected context only" from the Console settings

Then, select top β†’ PixieBrix from the context dropdown

Additionally, ensure "Verbose" log messages are turned on to get additional context about any error messages

Check the Service PixieBrix Status Page

Unless your deployments are using PixieBrix's API proxy or using a team database, user operations are not transmitted through PixieBrix's services, and should not cause degradation of deployed mods.

Check our Status Page to see if any of our services are experiencing degraded service

User unable to login

Your email address is not enabled. Contact the administrator for <TEAM_NAME>"

A new user must be added to at least one of the team’s campaigns before they can log in. If you’re seeing this error, then add the user to a campaign and have them retry logging in.

Browser Extension is Crashing

The most common cause for the Chrome Browser Extension crashing is that debug logs have started taking up too much space.

Fix 1: Disable Debug Logging

  • Check the Settings > Developer Settings section in the Extension Console

    • Clear the local logs

    • Ensure Log Values is Disabled

Fix 2: Factory Reset the Browser Extension

If your browser extension install has been corrupted, you can reset the browser extension install state.

  • Visit Settings > Factory Reset and click the β€œFactory Reset” button

The Factory Reset Button is not available to restricted enterprise team members.

Contact Support

Email PixieBrix support at [email protected].

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