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Groups are sets of users that have access (read or edit) to any number of bricks and shared integration configurations. Additionally, an Admin can associate a Deployment with one or more groups to have PixieBrix automatically deploy those deployments out to those users.

Creating a Group

To create a Group, select the “Groups” menu item in the side nav, and then click Create Group:

Adding Group Members

To add Group Members, click the “Add Members” button, and select one or more registered accounts. To add unregistered team members to the group by email, see “Uploading Group Member Emails” below.

Uploading Group Member Emails

To upload a list of group members, click the “Upload” button on the Group Detail page. In the dialog, upload a CSV file with a “Email” column.
⚠️When uploading emails, current group members who are not in the upload file will be removed from the group
When you select a file, PixieBrix will show a summary of the membership changes:
Unlike when using the “Add Members” dialog, you can provide email addresses that aren’t currently registered with PixieBrix. When an individual with that email address registers with PixieBrix, they will automatically be added to the group (and your organization).