Brick Actions Panel

Select a mod from the Mod Panel and you'll see a new panel appear directly to the right. This panel is called the Brick Actions Pipeline, and it displays the bricks that are associated with a mod.

You can think of the Brick Actions Pipeline as a step-by-step workflow showing what happens when a mod runs.

The toolbar at the top includes two action buttons that apply to the selected brick below it.

  • Copy (Copy Icon): copies the selected brick. You can paste the brick into the same mod or another mod.

  • Delete (Trashcan): deletes the selected brick.

The first item in the outline is always one of the Starter Bricks. Learn more about Starter Bricks in Types of Mods.

Below the starter brick, you'll find a list of bricks in the mod that will be run when the mod is initiated.

Brick Summary Information

Each brick displays a summary of it’s information:

  • Icon: indicates the type of brick

  • Label: the brick name, or custom label set in Brick Configuration Panel

  • Output Variable Name: the variable name of the brick output (also set in the Brick Configuration Panel

  • Brick Status Indicator: the status from the mod’s latest run. This is useful for Troubleshooting if your mod isn't working

Brick Actions

βž• Adding a Brick

To add a brick, click the + icon in the location to add the brick.

πŸ› οΈ Configuring a Brick

To configure a brick, select the brick, and options appear in the Brick configuration panel in the center of the Page Editor.

πŸ”„ Moving a Brick

To move a brick, click the up or down arrow for that brick.

Next, learn about adjusting the settings of a selected brick.

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