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Release 1.7.29

Published to the Chrome Web Store on June 6, 2023

✨ Enhancements

  • Improve select widgets in Form Builder and Document Builder forms
  • Add a persistent “Home” tab to the sidebar with Mod listing
  • Add support for passing pipelines as closures to custom bricks built in the workshop

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Fix losing keypresses for embedded forms in panels attached to page state
  • Error logging into Admin Console using magic links if you’ve logged in with Google or Microsoft before
  • Show Marketplace Icon during Extension Console activation
  • Brick pipelines do not appear in the Page Editor mod layout for custom bricks
  • The Google Sheet File Picker button is stuck as disabled if you canceled out of the File Picker

🧱 New Bricks

  • The new Run Bricks brick enables running one or more bricks asynchronously