Release 1.8.12

Published to the Chrome Web Store on April 8, 2024

✨ Enhancements

  • Added selector analysis warning for slow or bad selectors in the Page Editor (#8030)

  • Improved selector analysis and warning text in the Page Editor (#8161)

  • Automation Anywhere responses with the `TABLE` data type are now handled (#8066)

  • Added affordance in the Page Editor to choose between having forms with custom submit handlers save the submitted data or reset the form to the initial state (#8147)

  • When unassigning mods from a deployment, the mods are now automatically deactivated for the users (#8131)

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug with the Text Selection Menu where the menu did not always close after clicking somewhere else on the screen (#8075)

  • Cleaned up the styling when activating a standalone mod component (#8057)

  • Fixed a regression with the Snippet Shortcut Menu that prevented users from clicking on shortcuts. The items are also now highlighted on hover (#8084)

  • Fixed a style regression with form fields in sidebar panels that added whitespace to the right of the field (#8054)

  • Fixed regression causing the Hide Sidebar brick to fail when run (#8060)

  • Fixed the icon widths in the Page Editor sidebar (#8086)

  • Fixed Failed to construct 'URL': Invalid URL error running bricks in about:srcdoc iframes (#8143)

  • Fixed missing dropdown caret for the field type toggles in the Extension Console (#8068)

  • Fixed set field value functionality with DraftJS fields (#8166)

  • Fixed insert at cursor functionality with DraftJS fields (#8157)

  • Fixed a bug with deployments where swapping the mod for another mod did not remove the original mod from users (#7475)

🎨 User Experience

  • When users first install the Extension and receive the starter mods, they will see the Mod Launcher instead of the opened mods the first time they open the Sidebar (#8076)

  • Improved the error message when the Insert Text at Cursor brick fails to insert text on the page (#8063)

  • Hides the community link in the Extension Console for restricted users (#8037)

  • Improved the responsiveness of the Document and From builders in the Page Editor (#7558)

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