Release 1.7.16

Published to the Chrome Web Store on January 9, 2023

🧑‍💻 A complete listing of code changes are available on GitHub

✨ Enhancements

  • Page Editor: add ability to re-configure the blueprint options without re-activating from the Blueprints Screen (#2390)

  • Page Editor: warn on invalid regular expressions in the Regex Extractor brick (#4904)

  • Page Editor: warn on invalid URLs when using HTTP Request brick (#4941)

  • Page Editor/Runtime: add support for passing an element as the target for DOM bricks (#4875)

  • Blueprints Screen: Add Publish to Marketplace Action (#4765)

  • Show secret/key fields as password fields (#4831)

  • Add support for integrations using HTTP Basic Auth (#4917)

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Workshop: fix bug where data would reset on server validation error (#4811)

  • Sidebar: fix bug where repeat calls for Display Temporary Information brick would show a blank panel (#4915)

  • PixieBrix was reporting 4XX and 5XX network errors as connectivity issues and/or blocked requests (#4813)

  • For button and initialize trigger, consider page changes in all elements, not just mutated/newly added elements (#4943)

🧱 New Bricks

  • Replace Text brick to transform/mask text (#4864)

  • Highlight Text brick to highlight text with a color (#4907)

  • Traverse Elements brick to find elements relative to another element (#4875)

⚛️ Experimental

⚛️ Want access to experimental features? Contact [email protected] or reach out in the PixieBrix Slack community

  • Page Editor: variable selection popover (#4690, #4691)

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