FAQs & Troubleshooting

The Microsoft Graph API returns a "Tenant does not have a SPO license." error

Ensure you're using a tenant with a Sharepoint Online license (see section Prerequisites above)

Where can I find the item path?

Most bricks require the Microsoft item path. You can find it by clicking on the filename in the top left on the page. In this example below, the workbook path is /MyFolder/Example.xlsx:

Why do bricks only support the item path?

The Microsoft Graph API allows you to identify an item via its id or path. However, we recommend using the path over the id because the former is accessible in both the UI and the API while the latter is only accessible via an API call. See Where can I find the item path? for directions on finding the item path.

If you need bricks to support the item id, please reach out to PixieBrix Support.

I can't find a brick for my Microsoft Office use case

Use the HTTP Request brick to make the API call directly. If you need help, reach out to PixieBrix Support.

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