Sheety: Sharing Google Sheets without Google Workspace


Sheety is a web service for securely making Google Sheets via API without users requiring a Google Account.

Benefits of using Sheety with PixieBrix:

  • Mod users do not need a Google Account

  • Authentication per sheet

  • Access control per sheet: read/write/add/delete

To use Sheety to serve content for PixieBrix, you will:

  1. Create a Sheety Account

  2. Prepare your Spreadsheet

  3. Add your Spreadsheet to Sheety

  4. Configure Authentication

  5. Create a Integration Configuration in PixieBrix

  6. Use the HTTP Request Brick to make spreadsheet requests

Prepare your Spreadsheet in Google Sheets

Follow Sheety’s documentation to Prepare your spreadsheet

Add your Spreadsheet to Sheety

Follow Sheety’s documentation to Add your spreadsheet to a project

Configure Authentication in Sheety

Follow Sheet’s documentation to set up Authentication

Create an Integration Configuration in PixieBrix

Create a Sheety Integration Configuration in PixieBrix. See Configuring Integrations for information on configuring integration:

For Token, provide the token you set in the β€œConfigure Authentication in Sheety” step:

Performing Spreadsheet Operations in PixieBrix

To read/write/add/remove to your sheet, use the HTTP Request brick. See Sheety’s documentation on Making requests to determine the URL and request parameters/data.

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