Release 1.8.2

Release 1.8.2 was released to the Chrome Web Store on November 6, 2023

✨ Enhancements

  • Custom trigger event names now show up in the “Emit Custom Event” dropdown when created in the trigger starter brick (#6519)

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Fixes issue where changing the Control Room URL when logging into an AA Control Room didn’t update the URL (#6653)
  • Fixes UI bug where the select button for the legacy Google Sheets picker in the Page Editor obscured part of the dropdown menu for the Google Drive integration picker (#6736)
  • The Google Sheet dropdown now includes Google Sheets from shared drives that the user has accessed (#6701)
  • The Google Drive integration no longer launches multiple web auth flows (#6684)
  • Better error handling in the Page Editor when the user does not have access to the Google Drive resource. The user can now try again or select a different sheet (#6779)

🎨 User Experience

  • When creating a new Google Drive integration (google/oauth2-pkce), the authorization flow is now triggered automatically and the label is generated from the email account used (#6269)
  • Various performance improvements (#6786, #4000, #6784, #6776, #6777, #6690, #6581, #6690, #6804)