Enabling Login with Microsoft

Application Consent

To authenticate with PixieBrix using "Login with Microsoft", consent must be enabled in Azure Entra ID.

Method #1: consent on behalf of your Azure organization as a Global Administrator

  1. Sign into the PixieBrix Admin Console with Login with Microsoft

  2. Select your Azure Account with a Global Administrator Role

  3. Click Accept

For more information, see Microsoft Developer Documentation

Method #2: enable user consent for Azure apps from verified publishers, for select permissions

See Microsoft Entra ID Documentation

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal as a Global Administrator.

  2. Select Azure Active Directory > Enterprise applications > Consent and permissions > User consent settings.

  3. Under User consent for applications, select which consent setting you want to configure for all users.

  4. Select Save to save your settings.


I received a β€œNeed admin approval” message when using Login with Microsoft

This problem requires your IT (Microsoft Azure) Administrator to solve. Please contact your Azure administrator and provide a link to this documentation page. Our support team at [email protected] can provide assistance.

The "Need admin approval" message indicates that your IT (Microsoft Azure) Administrator needs to add PixieBrix to the allowlist for your organization.

The error is caused by Enterprise settings in Entra ID setting for β€œUser consent for applications”:

Frequently Asked Questions

What scopes does PixieBrix request for Login with Microsoft?

PixieBrix requests the following scopes during authentication:



Sign users in

View user's basic profile

Sign in and read user profile

View user's email address

What’s the PixieBrix Azure Application Id?

The PixieBrix application id is: add06cfe-a38f-443f-9572-dd92ec7ab06b

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