Notion is a connected workspace, with features for knowledge management, project management, and collaboration.

Developer? Learn more about Notion’s API

Create the integration in PixieBrix

Decide whether you want to use a public (OAuth2) or an internal (API key) integration. Use the following resources to learn about the difference between the two. In most cases, the public integration is preferred.

Based on your decision, use one of the the following pages to configure your integration:

Connect to Notion from PixieBrix

Bricks / Mods

You can use your Notion integration in any Notion mods or bricks. Here are some notable bricks:

Call the Notion API with the HTTP Request Brick

  1. Add the HTTP Request Brick to your mod

  2. Configure the brick:

    1. URL: the URL of the endpoint. The URL can be absolute or relative

    2. Integration Configuration: your configured Notion integration

    3. Method: the HTTP method, see the documentation for the API you are calling

    4. Headers: Notion-Version: the Notion API version (see Notion Versioning to get the latest version, e.g. 2022-06-08)

    5. JSON Data: the data for the request. See the documentation for the API you are calling

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