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Embed a UiPath App

Embedding a UiPath App requires access to PixieBrix's Panel features, which are currently invite-only. To get access, please contact [email protected]
UiPath Apps "is a cloud-based low-code application development platform that enables you to build and share enterprise-grade custom applications that deliver engaging user experiences".
With PixieBrix, you can embed UiPath Apps into any webpage, including 3rd-party pages, and automatically pass information from the page to the app
For example, you could embed a UiPath app in the Salesforce Service Console, passing in the case number and any other case information:

Embedding the UiPath App in a Panel

Add the "UiPath App" brick as the renderer for the panel
In the brick configuration, enter the URL for your UiPath App:

Passing data to your UiPath App

Add App Textboxes

To pass information from the page to a UiPath App, you will add Textbox fields to your app that PixieBrix will fill out when the app loads.
To expose an Textbox field to PixieBrix, add a Textbox. In the "Hint Text" provide a property name in:<property>. The <property> name can be any string, e.g., in the example below uses context:
Optionally, you can hide the Textbox in the app by checking the "Hidden" checkbox under "Other Properties"
To use the provided property in your application, add a Value Binding to the field. Alternatively/additionally, you can configure a "Value Changed" rule for the Textbox. See the UiPath Apps documentation for more details

Configuring the Inputs in PixieBrix

In the "UiPath App" brick configuration, add an input property for each field to pass through:
If a property has name property, it will be passed into the Textbox that contains hint in:property.