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Release 1.7.30

Published to the Chrome Web Store on June 20, 2023
ℹ️ As of Release 1.7.30, PixieBrix now requests all host permissions at browser extension installation from the Chrome Web Store.

✨ Enhancements

  • Add support for Mod activation links in mod sidebars (#5870)
  • Fetch icons from CDN to improve bundle size and installation speed (#5865)

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Fix Document Builder List Element loading indicator flickering (#5873)
  • Fix stagechange event when setting page state in with “deep” strategy (#5868)
  • Google API did not reinitialize if the initialization during startup failed (#5901)
  • Marketplace Mods activate in Extension Console instead of Sidebar if you click too quickly after the page loads (#5883)

🧱 Brick Updates

  • The Parse JSON brick now supports JSON5 and lenient parsing, for when your LLM is feeling uncooperative (#5874)

🧪 Experimental Features

  • Floating button on pages to toggle PixieBrix Quick Bar (#5869)