Exposing Activation-Time Mod Options

You may want to allow users to configure specific items when activating a mod, without requiring them to build the whole mod from scratch.

For instance, you may do this if you created a mod for creating a new card on a Trello board. You might want to allow them to pick the boardId in the configuration so they can specify which board it goes to.

Integration Configurations

If you’ve added bricks requiring integrations to the mod, those integrations will automatically show up in the Mod Activation Wizard.

Custom Options

If you have non-integration onboarding options you want to add, you can add them by selecting the mod in the Page Editor and selecting the Input Form tab.

Similar to the Form Builder, you can add any number of options fields:

  • Name: the field name for referencing the configured value in the mod. For example,

  • Label: the human-readable label to display in the Mod Activation Wizard

To add a new field. Click the Add new field button.

To switch between fields, click the field in the Preview in the Data Panel on the right side of the Page Editor.

Referencing the options items.

You'll use @options.{name}

If the name is fieldName, the field would be available in the mod as @options.fieldName

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