Installing a PixieBrix Pre-Release Build

1. Create a PixieBrix Account

You use the same PixieBrix account for official releases and pre-release builds. If you do not already have an account, visit https://app.pixiebrix.com/login and connect a Google or Microsoft account

2. Download the Build

Download from GitHub


You must be logged into GitHub to download builds from GitHub (a free account is OK)

  1. Find the latest build: https://github.com/pixiebrix/pixiebrix-extension/actions/workflows/release.yaml
  2. Click the build to open its detail page
  3. image
  4. At the bottom of the detail page, click on the build-production artifact to download a zip. The zipped artifact is ~10mb, and can may take 10-30 seconds to download from GitHub's build servers
  5. image

Download from a Link

If you do not have a GitHub account, contact support@pixiebrix.com to receive a direct download link

3. Install the Build

  1. Unzip the release build to a location on your computer
  2. Open the Chrome extensions screen: chrome://extensions/
  3. Toggle Developer Mode (upper right) to ON
  4. image
  5. Click Load Unpacked and select the unzipped extension folder
  6. image
  7. A PixieBrix card will be added to the extensions page:
  8. image

4. Link the Extension

  1. When the PixieBrix extension loads for the first time, it will show an onboarding page. Click "Link Extension"
  2. To verify that the extension has been linked to your PixieBrix account, visit https://app.pixiebrix.com/. You should see a message: