Install PixieBrix

Before You Begin

You need two things to get started:

  1. A Google Account - you register with PixieBrix using a Google account
  2. Google Chrome - PixieBrix installs as a Chrome Extension

Step 1: Create an Account

To begin, click Start for Free

PixieBrix will take you to the Google Account selection/login screen. Select the account you'd like to use with PixieBrix, providing your Google Account credentials as necessary.

Step 2: Install the PixieBrix Browser Extension

After you register an account, PixieBrix will prompt you to go to the Chrome Web Store

Click Open Chrome Web Store, and on the Web Store page click Add to Chrome. Chrome will prompt you to confirm installation.

Step 3: Link the Extension to Your Account

After installing the extension, PixieBrix will open the extension page.

On the extension page click Connect Account

Nice work! Now let's begin the Quick Start Guide