Installing from the Chrome Web Store

Step 1: Register with PixieBrix

  • Go to https://app.pixiebrix.com
  • As instructed by your team lead, click "Connect with Google" or "Connect with Microsoft",
  • image
  • Your browser will redirect you to a Google/Microsoft page asking you to accept authenticating to PixieBrix with your account. Accept the request and your browser will redirect you back to PixieBrix

Step 2: Install the PixieBrix browser extension

  • Click “Open in Chrome Web Store”
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  • In the Chrome Web Store, click “Add to Chrome”
  • image
  • When Chrome shows a permission prompt, click “Add Extension”
  • image
  • Chrome will download the extension and add it. It will then open the extension page. Click “Link PixieBrix account”
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Step 3: Activate your Personal "Bricks"