Chrome Browser Extension Management

Browser Extension Distribution Scenarios

There are two approaches to distributing the the PixieBrix Browser Extension within your organization:

  • Installation from Chrome Web Store. Add the PixieBrix extension to Chrome's β€œAllow List” so that each team member can individually install PixieBrix browser extension. Your team members will follow the instructions at
    Installing from the Chrome Web Store
  • Automatic Installation. Add PixieBrix to Chrome's list of "Force Install" extensions to have Chrome automatically install the browser extension on team member's browsers. Your team members will follow the instructions at
    Completing Automatic Installation

Google Admin References

Refer to the Google documentation for how your organization manages access to Chrome Browser Extensions:

PixieBrix Chrome Extension Details


The PixieBrix Chrome Extension is Public but "unlisted" – i.e., you can not find it using search engines or via searching the Chrome Web Store Instead, to ensure your users install the correct extension, we recommend having them install via https://app.pixiebrix.com or using Chrome's "Force install" feature. Instructions are available in the

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What browser permissions does PixieBrix's extension require?