Brick Status Notifications

Brick Progress Indicator

Set notifyProgress: true on a brick to have PixieBrix show a notification while running the brick.

Optionally provide a custom label to show for the step. Otherwise, PixieBrix will show the name of the brick

- id: "@pixiebrix/uipath/add-queue-item"
  label: User-friendly name for this step
  # include notifyProgress: true to have PixieBrix show notification while
  # this step is running. 
  notifyProgress: true

Custom Menu Item Messages

When configuring menu item/button extensions, you can optionally customize the result message displayed for the user:

  • onSuccess: the action completed successfully
  • onError: an error occurred while running the the action
  • onCancel: the user cancelled an interactive step, e.g., a form modal @pixiebrix/form-modal

- id: "@tutorial/salesforce/case-action"
  label: Escalate Case
      message: Custom success message
      message: Custom cancellation message
      message: Error processing item. Click to clear this message
      # Can optionally provide a configuration directive to control
      # notification behavior
        autoHide: false
        clickToHide: true
      # @pixiebrix/form-modal is an example of a cancellable action
      - id: "@pixiebrix/form-modal"
        outputKey: form
        config: {}